Mavic Crossride XL Pedals

Mavic Crossride XL Pedals
Pedals are sold in pairs with cleats.
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Mavic's Crossride XL Pedals are a great choice for all-mountain and enduro riding thanks to their large platforms and easy entry/exit in all conditions. They boast light and tough composite bodies and durable steel axles. Plus, they use Time's proven ATAC cleat retention system that lets you get in and out of the pedals with ease, and that lets you choose from a 13 or 17 degree release angle. These fine pedals have open bodies and springs for excellent mud shedding, too.

Mavic pedals offer a float of 10 degrees (five in each direction). You can dial in the feel of the float, from full to none. They also offer 2.5mm of lateral adjustment, (also called "Q factor").

With Time's ATAC system, you always have one, consistent spring tension set for easy pedal entry and exit, plus you can choose a release angle of 13 or 17 degrees.

The open pedal bodies shed mud and have a larger engagement angle so it's easy to get in.