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Aqua Sphere Ergoflex Hand Paddles
The innovative construction of the ErgoFlex hand paddle combines stiff polypropylene “bones” with a soft and flexible rubber frame which offers resistance while providing a feel for the water. The Ergonomic contour of the ErgoFlex paddle is designed to mimic the shape of the hand and allows for micro adjustments of the hand position during the pull phase of the stroke. The increased “feel” for the water translates to increased stroke proficiency when the paddle is removed. The wide hand strap is adjustable for a customized fit and can be removed for optional finger only use. The rubber frame of the paddle also makes it safe to use with multiple simmers in a single lane. “Bones” provide structure, while rubber frame maintains flexibility and feel for the water Contoured fit mimics proper hand positioning Rubber frame makes paddle safe for use with multiple swimmers in a single lane Wide, adjustable hand strap for custom fit Available in two sizes
Aqua Sphere Ergoboard
The ErgoBoard immobilizes the upper body and gives you a great core, legs and lower body swim fitness workout. The ErgoBoard has multiple hand positions for ultimate comfort and is made of non-waterlogging EVA foam. Low impact conditioning Focused core and lower body workout Tones muscles and burns calories Multiple hand positions for comfort Made of non-waterlogging, EVA foam
Aqua Sphere Silicone Ear Plugs
Dual density ear plugs feature right and left ear designs for comfortable fit and easy adjustability. Comes with an included lanyard to keep track of ear plugs when not in use. Also includes protective carrying case designed with drain holes and a band that can be attached to other items to make it easy to find. Conical shape for optimal fit within the ear canal Soft rubber material for comfort and flexible, formed fit Comes with reusable storage case
Aqua Sphere Silicone Nose Clip
Dual density nose clip feature soft TPR pads and flex zones for a comfortable, adjustable fit. Protective carrying case designed with drain holes and a band that can be attached to other items to make it easy to find. Flexible anatomic bridge ensures optimum fit Soft nose pads for unparalleled comfort Comes with reusable storage case
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