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Personal Care

Paceline Products Chamois butt'r 10 pack
$7.99 - $9.99
Chamois Butt'r prevents the uncomfortable rubbing and chafing that most cyclists experience when sitting on their saddles. •Non-greasy skin lubricant that improves riding comfort •Easily washes off skin and out of shorts with soap and water Eurostyle is a cooling formula of the original non-cooling cream. Item Specifications: Unit of Sale 10-Pack Ounces .3fl oz
Paceline Products Chamois Butt'r 8 oz
$14.99 - $17.99
This non-greasy skin lubricant is the number one choice for riders challenged with chafing in sensitive areas--great for extended riding. Chamois Butt'r lotion can be applied directly to the skin, or can be slathered on the pad of your shorts to prevent uncomfortable friction. Butt'r restores the softness and suppleness of natural and synthetic chamois padding in your bike shorts. Washes off your skin and washes out of clothing easily with soap and water. Paceline Products Chamois Butt'r - The Ultimate Chamois & Skin Cream. 8oz Tube. Try Chamois Butt'r Original or the cooling European formula. For Women only try Her Elle' Chamois Butt'r.
Paceline Products Chamois Butt'r Euro Style
After extensive research and development on the bike and in the lab Paceline is pleased to offer Eurostyle chamois buttr. A more traditional European-style chamois cream in a jar. •Anti-bacterial •non-greasy formula •Specifically formulated to produce a cooling and soothing effect •Easily washes off skin and out of shorts
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